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Subject: Evolution Extreme Hacking Disc
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bonamy 9/14/2007 - 1:08:54
Hey ppl the Evolution Crew is currently working day n night to develop the Extreme hacking disc for u. In the disc we will include software that lets u how 2 change remove and delete any administrator password, bios passwrd, locked hard drive passwrd, netwrk passwrd, system passwrd, win 95/98/me xp/vista linux and any server passwrd removal tools. We will also include port sniffers, http sniffers, gateway sniffers, port scanners and loop hole scanners. We also adding software dat control and hijack pc's in any network. The disc is gona teach u how to bypass firewalls using dos and guess wot yes u ve guessed it you also gona knw how to make ur own virus in few easy steps. So if u want immortality u ve come to da ryt place. I ll b adding more info as time goes on. *

bonamy 9/18/2007 - 2:32:43
Do u want 2 be a perfect programmer? We have added scripts that will teach u how 2 be a perfect programmer in 21days for every language dat includes c#, c++, java, sql and more will be added later *

mrena 9/26/2007 - 3:02:06
When will da disk be out *

bonamy 3.10.07 - 02:03am
The disc will be out on the 6th of October!!! *

lost008 1.11.07 - 03:31pm
Just got back 2prodigits where can i get this disc? Sorry didnt have a phone 4awile *

bonamy 8.11.07 - 09:32pm
if u want da disc jst inbox me *

wensly 9.12.07 - 10:20am
Tnx 4 letting me in to your group,i'm interested in your extreme hacking can i get it?by the way i'm a newbie at prodigits.tnx and more power *

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