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Subject: Get free STUFF via Evolution
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bonamy 3.10.07 - 02:21am
Have url heard of b*tter Trade? ok here's how everything works, the Evolution Corp. Community consists of +-600 people in South Africa and +-800 ppl abroad and all these ppl contribute in software, games, cracks, serials, movies, musics, pictures, applications, hardware etc. So if u wana b part of the community u must contribute anythn dats gona benefit da community and in return anythn dat da community makes n discovers u get 4 free, jst look @ it as an open source community wer anythn u want is free.. *

66613_zn 10/10/2007 - 12:21:03
explain more..wat do we have to give?is there anything specific cos i can sponsor movies but i gotta get something in return and wats the catch? *

66613_zn 10/10/2007 - 12:22:25
an how do i give and get stuff?post? cos i dont have the internet anymore on my pc *

bonamy 15.10.07 - 03:45pm
u can share anythng u have! if u have anythn 2 share jst inbox me and i ll tell u wot u do 4rm there! *

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